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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 9, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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the hunt is on for more suspects connected to last week's violent protest outside a donald trump rally in san jose. new developments next. "today in the bay" starts right now. good thursday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. if you liked yesterday, you'll like today, as well. >> we are that much closer to the weekend. we'll have nice warm weather. looking at what we are expecting today, a lot of clouds to start out. there's sunshine this afternoon. a look outside now. 60 in the east bay. 59 in san francisco. highs today reaching mostly into the mid to upper 70s. it feels very comfortable as we go through the day. san francisco mix of sun and clouds and high of 64. this weekend though, starts to get more stuffy and uncomfortable. warm weather headed our way. >> we were watching this on the
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northbound side and now we just see the truck scales and moving cars. smooth flow of traffic for those sensors. the crash in livermore, it is westbound your commute diamondbacks. it's not causing any slowing. it's been there about ten minutes. all lanes are clear. we'll track that as the commute starts to build. toward the bay bridge, easy drive through the maze. continuing coverage now in a story that continues to cause waves across the country. for the first time we are hearing brock turner's plea in his written words for leniency for the judge. >> he said he appears to blame the party culture on the stanford campus. not everyone is buying what he is saying. today in the bay bob redel is live from stanford with reaction from there. >> good morning. one female student put it to us like this, she said there are plenty of students who party and drink here at stanford
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university who do not commit sexual assault. she like others are outraged over that letter brock turner wrote to the court before receiving his six month jail sentence. he appears to blame the so-called party culture on campus for his criminal behavior. he was convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman by a dumpster after a late night fraternity party over a year ago. the former stanford swim star said the team set no limits on drinking and he saw teammates taking girls back with them after parties. >> disappointed and disgusted to see this. i hope it's making people up, certainly myself, to how real rape culture is on our campus. >> that is just one person's opinion on this. turner's six-month sentence ignited outrage around the globe. hundreds of thousands signed a position demanding the judge in the case be removed from the bench. within the next half hour we'll
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hear about misleading statements turner made in that letter to the judge. live at stanford university, bob redel, today in the bay. also today, congresswoman jackie spear plans to honor the sexual assault victim on the floor of congress reading the letter she wrote to the judge, which was aimed at brock turner. that will happen on the house floor. also today, a teenage girl is safe in oakland. her family says she was kidnapped in what was possibly a case of sex trafficking. we're sad, you know what i mean? >> oakland police swarmed the area near 65th and alcatraz where they say a man took the 14-year-old girl hostage. they were able to rescue that girl and arrest that man. the family tells nbc bay area the girl told them there were other victims inside that home. >> that there are indeed ties to
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any human trafficking that we take these incidents of human trafficking, kidnapping, any violent crime seriously. >> i am happy she got away. i hope there were no other children that they can't find. i hope that they got everybody they needed to get. oakland police say the investigation is not over. searching for more suspects, you're looking at a picture of a man wanted by san jose police in connection with a violent donald trump rally last week. he is now one of several suspects linked to the attacks on donald trump protesters. donald trump is long gone from san jose but this case is far from over. police made three more arrests as well. that brings the total to seven since the rally last thursday. the mayor publically denounced the violence and denied accusations he ordered officers to stand down at the height of the attacks. many of those arrested are
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minors. a contentious new law goes into effect in california. te terminally ill patients can get a lethal dose of medicine from their doctor if their pain and suffering becomes intolerable. they have to be mentally competent enough to make the decision and the patient must have six months or less to live and be diagnosed by two different physicians. the patient must then submit three requests for the drugs, two of them have to be verbal and they have to be 15 days apart or more. finally, they have to write a written request directly to their physician. there are strong religious oppositions, but supporters said it's going to help end the suffering for those who need it the most. >> if it gets to that point i will without a doubt get the prescription and fill the
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prescription. whether or not i take it will be a day-to-day decisions. >> doctors and pharmacists can opt out at any time. a total anarchy is how some describe a san francisco police commission meeting last night. they were supposed to discuss use of force by officers, but protesters took the mike. >> they just want your two minutes to keep going with what they wanted in the first place. >> i don't know how you sleep. you all have blood on your hands. >> things only got more rowdy from there. the meeting was eventually called off. several people were disappointed, including the city's new acting police chief. >> talked to a few people from the community and they are upset they never got a chance to communicate what their issues were. they want to talk about things that were important to them. >> there are some people in this room who are not here for reasonable discussion. they just want to take over. >> there are two more public meetings planned to discuss the city's new use of force.
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this sums up a disappointing night for the warriors as the dove nation, draymond green delivering a mouthful. it was just a very off night all around for the doves. cavaliers game four tomorrow night. >> they looked like a team desperate. we didn't play desperate. we looked relaxed and comfortable. it showed. >> we've got to be better with that come friday. we got bullied. can't get bullied. >> we saw draymond with the fire on the bench trying to motivate his teammates. while that game was in cleveland, there was plenty of inaction oakland as a near sellout crowd packed oracle arena. doves are obviously still up in this series 2-1. they can close out the series at home on monday were they to win
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game four. hardwood to ice. sharks need to win tonight. have to win if they want to keep their hopes of a championship alive. team teal trails the penguins 2-1. pittsburgh has blown two playoff series when they had a 3-1 advantage. you can watch the action here on nbc bay area. sharks fans know the sharks have blown a lead or two. >> they have. >> hopefully different today. >>. >> it looks like we start out with the same clouds we had yesterday. then we start to see the clearing into the late morning/early afternoon hours. this is what to expect. morning clouds becoming sunny and pleasant. lunch time 67 in the peninsula.ç it continues to warm up.
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san francisco, a high of 64. let's head over to mike. stall reported on the san mateo bridge. i don't see slowing. the yellow area is what we just showed you across the san mateo bridge. smooth drive for the south bay. san jose looks good. we'll show you north bound 101 as traffic slows up out of the south bay. no more problems here for the exchange at the 680/280. thank you very much. next, efforts to unify the democratic party. details on a much-anticipated meeting between bernie sanders
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and president obama from the president himself. decision 2016:
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thispresidential candidatebern morning ahead it is decision 2016. presidential candidate bernie sanders is headed to washington to the white house this morning, but probably not for the reason he was hoping. he's meeting with president obama today. >> we have some inkling about what this meeting might be about. for details we turn to tracie
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potts who joins us live from washington, d.c. bernie sanders facing a lot of pressure from the party to get out. he requested this meeting with president obama. >> it's important to remember that. it's not bernie sanders being hauled in after losing al. he wanted to sit down and talk to the president about his role and future in the party. that's happening today. we know what we know about this meeting in part because president obama talked about it in the pretaped appearance for the "tonight" show. >> my hope is over the next couple of weeks we are able to pull things together. >> president obama will appear on the "tonight" show tonight. hours after his conversation with bernie sanders at the white house today. >> i thought bernie sanders brought enormous energy and new ideas and he pushed the party and challenged them. i thought it made hillary a better candidate. >> now that hillary clinton secured enough delegates to win the democratic nomination, will sanders concede and urge his millions of followers to support
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her? >> it's going to take work on the part of hillary clinton, barack obama and bernie sanders to bring them around. >> reporter: democratic leaders say sanders needs time. >> i say you let a week, ten days go by then really begin to see the pieces come together. >> i made it clear i'm going to do everything i can to make it possible for him to be a good partner. >> reporter: that may include giving sanders more control over the democrat's platform including key issues from his campaign, social justice, protecting the environment, cracking down on wall street. and some of those things are already being discussed. the platform committee is already meeting. sanders today goes to the white house, comes to capitol hill meeting with the top senate democrat, then he's got a big rally here in washington for the tuesday d.c. primary. that's the last one in this very long primary season. >> it felt like that, too.
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live from d.c., thank you very much. a lot of activity going on in d.c. house speaker paul ryan says he's got a plan to secure u.s. borders, a plan he is expected to spell out later today. reports say paul ryan is proposing overhauling the immigration system and installing defenses. ryan's plan calls for, quote, high fencing, but he is careful to steer clear of a plan that would build a wall which is what presidential nominee donald trump called for. the grail plan calls national security strategy. >> millions of twitter accounts may have been hacked. >> we turn to landon dowdy. >> good morning to you both. wall street could give back some of wednesday's gains. futures are lower this morning. stocks rising with the dow up for a third straight day closing above 18,000. the first time in six weeks.
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that's partly due to oil prices which rose to $51 a barrel the first time in nearly a year. data today on unemployment. dow 18,005. nasdaq up 12 to 4974. new survey finds consumers are making more than half their purchases online. that's being driven by millennials who buy 54% of everything online. the news comes at a tough time for traditional retailers including macy's and kohl's reporting disappointing earnings. >> as many as 32 million twitter accounts may have been hacked. they received data from a breach about an alleged hacker. many affected users appear to be in russia. >>. >> do you know if this is one of the -- if the nfl account was one the ones hacked?
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we learned the commissioner died when he hadn't? >> it was hacked but not necessarily from this one. they did say because he said he was dead and they came back and said he wasn't. it was not particularly this hacker though. >> all right. thank you very much. change your password just in case. >> that sent the sports world in a frenzy. 5:17. that is a barrel. authorities near pasadena keeping a close eye on this 200 pound female bear wandering in and out of people's back yards, maybe taking a dip in their pool. terrified residents flooded 911 dispatchers. the bear is nowhere in sight. everyone is hoping she headed back to the woods on her own. wolf canyon is open at the san francisco zoo. the new exhibit is featuring three mexican gray wolf
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brothers. >> yes. they are very rare. these are them in pictures given to us by the zoo. two former bear exhibits you might remember were transformed to give the wolves their new home. the exhibit which opened yesterday has a heated rock the wolves can warm up during those chilly san francisco nights. mexican gray wolves are the most endangered wolf subspecies. back in 1976 there were only five of them. i said grizzly but it's the polar bear. we'll take you to the zoo. >> i love the animals. the polar bears might be my favorite exhibit. it's so hot in southern california you have bears pool jumping. >> i was last week in southern california and they put on the cabin we rented there could be a
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400 pound bear moving through the backyard that had been seen in the neighborhood. what is kind of hoping i would see him passing by just for the experience. that was while i was inside the house passing by. i didn't see anything. we'll have great weather out to go into the next couple of days. looking at morning clouds and afternoon sunshine, here is the view from at&t park. we are hoping that giants can get back on track. right now, it is 53 degrees in the north bay. san francisco, 59 degrees. as we drop in on the east bay to get a closer look at some of those temperatures, 57 now in pleasanton as well as dublin and alamo and brentwood starts out the morning at 58. north bay 53. it's still cool in a few spots. we start out with clouds all across san francisco for at least the next several hours up until 11:00. then we'll start to see the sun peeking out early with highs in
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the mid 60s. we'll going to be in the mid 60s at half moon bay. 77 in los gatos today. in santa rosa 75. oakland 68 and 76 in danville. seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen shows our temperatures will start to heat up as we go toward the end of the weekend. we have the influence of this area of low pressure well to the north of us giving us a strong onshore flow. keeping those temperatures in check. high pressure starts to move in and this is the way our temperatures look. shooting up to 88 on sunday. the average high is 79 and it will still be warm as we get ready to start out the new week. get ready for a surge in temperatures as we go into saturday and sunday. looks good though for the start of the weekend. then by sunday, we are up to 87 in the south bay. let's see what's happening on the road. >> i found something on the san jose camera. the situation changed in the
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last three minutes here. we are looking at the top of the screen. the headlights, this is coming southbound 101. 682 just before you get to that split, we have this tow truck. someone was laying down there. looked like they were doing last bits of fixing a tire. no one injured. traffic very light through here. we'll show you the map and see how light it is through the rest of san jose. north of there at 680 various reports of a brushfire there. sounds like everything is under control. i'll track that report as well. the rest of the day moves up toward the bay bridge toll plaza. live look at the bay bridge toll plaza with folks waiting to pay cash. moving freely there. thank you, mike. a health care out of lake tahoe. deadly bacterial disease discovered in a flea that has doctors concerned. ==ots/vo==
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hundreds of people have fledthe near the arizona town of yarnell... a developing story. hundreds fled their homes as a wildfire rages near the arizona town of yarnell. here is why that sounds familiar. it's the same town where a fire three years ago killed 19 members of an elite fire fighting crew. this morning firefighters are on the ground and in the air trying to battle the wind field tender foot fire. it started yesterday afternoon and now burned 700 acres of land. 300 people evacuated their homes and an emergency shelter has been set up. >> i hope everybody's safe. i hope everybody's out. >> we did lose our house in 2003
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with that fire. >> you never know what can happen with a fire and the wind. >> as we mentioned, three years ago, 19 firefighters died when they got trapped by the flames. that marked the deadliest tragedy for a u.s. wildland firefighters experienced in several decades. a lot of people traveling to lake tahoe for summer vacation but this morning something you might want to worry about. a flea tested positive for the plague. a flea was taken off a chipmunk caught last month in south lake tahoe. inspectors say they are not aware of human infections. plague is a bacterial disease, doctors say, often spread by fleas on wild rodents. warning signs are being posted in tahoe camp grounds. >> new law requiring warning
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labels on ads for soda. a judge blocked the law while an appeal from the beverage industry moves forward. they say it violates their free speech rights. they lost the case last month. the 9th circuit is expected to rule on the appeal. new smoking rules in california do take effect today. that includes raising the minimum smoking age from 18 to 21 across the state of california. starting this morning, it's illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to buy any tobacco products. that includes cigarettes, cigars and gifts. new legislation regulates e-cigarettes and restricts tobacco use in other ways. california becomes the second state after hawaii to raise the legal smoking age to 21. it could spur a movement across the country. >> where goes california goes the nation. coming up, anger over the sentencing of brock turner, the stanford swimmer continues to grow worldwide. >> there are plenty of people who drink who don't rape other)
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students. >> reaction from stanford students as we hear for the first time the letter turner wrote to appeal for leniency from the judge. >> the right to die law takes effect today in california. what that means coming up next.
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for joining us. i'm kris sanchez in for lauraga. =sam/4shot= and sa good morning. thank you for joining us on this thursday. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. i think by thursday we can talk about the weekend forecast. >> i start talking about it on monday. >> that makes me sad. rushing to the grave. >> i like to make plans early. >> i think this weekend will be a good weekend to head to the beach or pool, go swimming. it will be warmer. nice today. up to 53 as you step out the door now in the north bay. cool there. we'll see highs reaching 76. east bay will be at 73 and 74 in the peninsula. not bad at all. we'll talk about that warmer weekend coming up in a few minutes. mike has time for the backup at
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the bay bridge. >> right on schedule. keeping you a little bit off your schedule at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are on. show you traffic flowing nicely on the approach. that's the maze on the right side of the approach. over to the left side is san francisco. north bay moves as well. moving over westbound 580. earlier crash reported, sounds like a nonissue or they updated closer to north livermore avenue. no slowing there. we see the rest of the bay moves well. back to you, kris. happening today, a controversial new state law takes effect starting today. california will officially become the fifth state in the nation to allow doctors to help term any ill patients end their own lives. as you might imagine, not everyone is on board with this. >> this controversial law already has one bay area lawyer saying he will participate and
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that can begin to happen today. again, as you mentioned, this new law is not without controversy across california. participation is expected to be high. it is expected to triple the number of terminally ill patients nationwide who can get a lethal dose if their pain and suffering becomes too much. it affects patients with six months to live. those patients have to be diagnosed by two different doctors to be eligible for the medication that will end their lives. those patients, doctors or form cysts can opt out at any time. one of those doctors participating is a doctor in berkeley who is ready to help patients on their last days. >> one of which might be physician aid in dying with they use the medication to die, but most what we'll talk about is how do we make you have a good death. >> as you can imagine, there is strong religious opposition to
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the new law. the new law requires terminally ill patients to submit three requests for life-ending drugs, two of them must be verbal and they must be within 15 days apart from each other. that law takes effect today and it comes with a lot of controversy. live in san jose, today in the bay. >> thank you very much. 5:33. the case is the focus of international fury over justice or the lack thereof for a sexual assault victim. for the first time, we are hearing what brock turner told the judge in a written letter about the sexual assault on campus. bob redel joining us live with all the details. he appears to blame or rationalize the incident on the party culture at stanford. a lot of people are getting hangry hearing that. angry hearing that. >> he does appear to blame his
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criminal behavior on what he called the so-called party culture on campus. he goes on to write to the judge, the swim team set no limits on partying and drinking and i saw the guys take full advantage of these circumstances while i was shown to do the same. i witnessed countless times the guys i looked up to go to parties, meet girls and take the girl they just met back with them. turner was convicted and sentenced to six months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman by a dumpster on campus. this was taking place early last year after a late night fraternity party. >> there are plenty of people on campus who drink who don't rape other students. >> he takes very little responsibility. this is "i'm sorry that you're hurt" letter. >> also in that letter, turner wrote he was from a small town in ohio with little partying experience, but that's misleading. investigators say they found text messages that indicate turner drank, smoked marijuana and dropped acid back home in
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ohio and during his time here at stanford. bob redel, today in the bay. a bullet hole found at san jose city hall. employees found the hole at the base of a window. no one was hurt and police believe the shooting happened around 2:00 in the morning while there was no one there. >> bullet shot at city hall is something we all should be concerned about. we are not making the assumptions about what caused it or what relation it has with more news. >> the city is not aware of threats that could be linked to the shooting. police are reviewing surveillance from a camera above the window that is struck. >> a felon out on bail was arrested after he pointed a gun to another man. he was arrested last night. he confronted a man and pointed a rifle in his face before running away.
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the victim wasn't hurt. officers were able to track down hanna and his weapon which turned out to be a rifle-style pelt gun. hanna was released last week after being arrested. it's not clear why he was arrested in the first place. fbi needs help tracking down the so-called dreaded bandit. agents say the suspect disguises himself with a long wig, a fake beard and dark make-up. experts believe he may be white or hispanic and he has been known to flash a gun. he robbed two banks last month. there may be others, too. there is a $5,000 reward for information leading to his arrest. drivers with rattled nerves a warning on highway 4 in pittsburgh this morning. there is b.a.r.t. construction going on that could sound like gun fire. police do not want drivers to be alarmed. they say especially following the shooting spree recently on freeways in the area. the construction is going to be taking place on highway 4 and
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railroad avenue between 6:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. for the next three weeks. aging infrastructure will be at the focus of a -- will be the focus of a b.a.r.t. board of directors meeting today. directors will consider a $3.5 billion bond measure aimed at shoring up b.a.r.t.'s aging system. voters will have the final say on the measure come november. today b.a.r.t. directors will discuss a $2 billion operating budget for the next year. 5:37. oil refineries trying to overturn a series of air pollution rules adopted following the chevron oil refinery fire dating back to 2012. according to "east bay times" five refineries sued to block rules aimed at reducing emissions by 20%. chevron, shell, valero, tesoro and phillips 66. those refineries argue the new rules are unfair and possibly unjustified. those rules were created after the fire at the chevron refinery
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four years ago that sent thousands of people to the hospital with eye and throat irritation. kids, as you may have noticed are out of school. they are heading straight to the beach. >> one san francisco supervisor is teaming up with the coast guard to warn everybody about the danger along the coast, particularly ocean beach. supervisor believes not enough is done to warn people about the dangers of ocean beach and swimming there. >> a lot of the issues are people think this is a swimming beach and it's not. somebody wades out in their ankles, there is a danger being pulled in by rip currents. >> they joined the coast guard members for a demonstration of rescue at the beach yesterday. there are warning signs of rip currents but he wants those signs closer to the water. he wants fliers and public service announcements. it's a good reminder. they can be deceptively strong. >> all the time.
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>> kari hall, you experienced this yourself. >> good morning. recently at the beach. it only takes one big wave coming in to sweep everyone out. that happened to my family. they are all okay. ocean beach, we are seeing cloudy skies starting out the day. temperatures warming up this weekend. that will be a popular place. today will be mostly sunny and pleasant after morning clouds clear out. lunchtime temperatures in the upper 60s in the peninsula. 71 in the north bay. 76 in san francisco. 64 and 47 in the peninsula. heading into the weekend once again, we may have upper 80s, a few 90s. i'll show you that coming up in less than ten minutes. san jose sees more traffic. >> right on schedule. we have this. a little bit of a burst of traffic we do see a little pulling north of our camera
5:40 am
shot. traffic coming into the area on the green level. north of the dunbarton bridge shows an easy flow of traffic. west 580 to north livermore, a crash on the shoulder. a look at the san mateo bridge on the peninsula side with headlights coming down the hill off the highrise to foster city. no delays but more folks there. >>. >> up next, a violent night in israel after two gunmen open fire in a popular tel aviv market. what might have prompted this attack? two days of funeral services honoring muhammed ali get under way today. details coming up. a developing story...
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==take vo== four raelis e dead-- aftetwo pa fire near a popular outdoor a developing story. israelis are dead after two palestinian gunmen opened fire near a popular outdoor market in central tel aviv overnight. three others badly injured. some attackers have been captured. some are 21-year-old cousins from a palestinian village in the israeli occupied west bank. hamas welcomed the attack but did not take responsibility for it.
5:44 am
bernie sanders is heading to d.c. to speak with president obama today. >> sanders says he is going to stay in the race and the struckles continue. this morning we have some idea what the president and senator might be talking about today. my hope is over the next couple of weeks we can pull things together. i thought bernie sanders brought enormousç energy and new ideas. he pushed the party and challenged them. i thought it made hillary a better candidate. >> you can watch the rest of jimmy fallon's interview with the president tonight on the "tonight" show. hillary clinton is ready to reach out to sanders and his supporters. >> i made it clear i'm going to do everything i can to make it possible for him to be a good partner. >> that was clinton speaking with lester holt.
5:45 am
many believe sanders will get more control over the party's platform in exchange for supporting clinton in the general election. happening today, the first of two public funeral services for boxing great mohammed alley are set to begin. >> the icon died friday at the age of 74. prayerses are under way right now and this is open to the public. >> that is correct. muhammed ali lived is in life in the spotlight. his funeral and muslim funeral prayer service will be open to the public. inside or outside the ring, muhammad ali captured the attention of millions around the globe. fans stood in long lines to get
5:46 am
tickets. >> a real testament to the power of muhammed ali and his message. >> this morning's muslim funeral prayer service held at the site of his last fight in louisville. tomorrow a slow procession will drive through neighborhoods that played a key role in his life. the funeral is held inside a 22,000 seat basketball arena. ball bearers include lennox lewis, will smith who betrayed the boxing great in the film "ali." former president bill clinton and brian gumbel will deliver jew eulogies. >> heads of states and hollywood stars will be present. he placed emphasis on service being accessible to the everman. the service will also be streamed online. muhammed ali making sure his
5:47 am
fans can hear his final message. ali will be buried here in town. his attorney says his grave site will be modest keeping with muslim tradition. >> thank you very much. a lot of folks are going to be looking forward to see what happens. 5:47. family and friends came together to remember a northern california teenager who was killed in a crash involving a chp officer. that officer was allegedly driving distracted in his squad car. crash happened tuesday on i-5. the sergeant says the officer was looking down at his computer and didn't see traffic slowing in front of him. he proceeded to rear end a car. the 15-year-old was in the back seat and killed on impact. >> so sad. a trial begins today for
5:48 am
another baltimore police officer implicated in the arrest and death of freddie gray. officer caesar goodson is one of six charged in gray's death and the only officer facing murder charges. he was the driver of the van where gray suffered his final injuries last april. a judge will rule on the case instead of a jury which is what goodson requested. another officer was acquitted by the same judge last month. a follow-up now on a mysterious theft. a bay area man arrested in connection with a stolen piece of history. he is in police custody accused of taking a world war i cannon. it's a story we first broke last month. a man who saw our report called police and said he unwittingly bought that stolen cannon. police are looking for a second suspect in that theft. to live in san francisco,
5:49 am
they could cargo ewe they are at the center of the city. they probably would be wrong. the public works department wanted to find the geographic center of the city. they landed around 750 corbet street near twin peaks. they bolted down a two-inch medallion. >> what if i told you it was two feet to your right? >> no way. i've been running this route 20 plus years. >> there it is. a bigger plaque is planned for the future. some proud san franciscans are arguing this is also the center of the universe. >> good thing they have that bright orange arrow pointing down. >> classy that spray paint.
5:50 am
>> the sun is going to be coming up in a few hours. >> we have to deal with the clouds the next few hours before we see that sunshine coming out. it will be a nice and comfortable day. no complaints coming into the weather office. we take a live look outside now at san francisco. you still see those cloudy skies. maybe a little bit of mist and drizzle, too. for the most part, we are going to see this clearing out to give us a beautiful day. it's now 60 in the east bay. 59 in san francisco. as we drop into the south bay to get a closer look, it is 54 in morgan hill. campbell at 57. 59 in santa clara. that's what it feels like now. we will have temperatures warming up in palo alto. 61 by 9:00. 11:00 is 66. you want to take lunch outside with temperatures in the upper 60s. it will be 77 in los gatos today. san mateo 68.
5:51 am
63 in the castro. temperatures in the mid 70s for the north bay. low 80s for antioch. oakland 68. wide range in temperatures but much more comfortable compared to the sizzling temperatures we had over the weekend. we are in for more changes. this area of low pressure that gives us a strong onshore flow will move well off to the east. we'll have more of a northerly wind for sunday into monday. high pressure well off to the west of us still fights back some of those cooler temperatures. going over the next five days in pleasanton this shows an example how our temperatures change. we will be below average for today as well as tomorrow. then saturday jumps up to 84. warmest day will be on sunday. still toasty on monday as we head back to work and get ready for the start of the new work week. look at the weekend forecast. 71 on saturday in san francisco. feeling nice. up to 80 in the east bay. mid 80s for the north bay.
5:52 am
the south bay will be up to 87 on sunday. i'll have another quick look at the forecast coming up. let's head over to mike to see what's happening as you head out for that commute. >> we'll show you the live look. palo alto, calm and easy drive. contrast on the east bay which isn't more dramatic but traffic flows. the bay bridge toll plaza, the approach is easy. farther east, looking at a crash west 580. no slowing here. that sounds like everything is out of the roadway. there may be a second crash approaching that dublin interchange. that just changed. we'll get more information from chp. little slowing in hayward. bottom of your screen, san jose. live look at 101 at 680.
5:53 am
a quick burst of traffic. traffic hit and quick. in a half hour we'll see the build again. >> realtime traffic. thank you very much. >> firefighters quickly extinguished a fire that came dangerously close to homes in san jose's almondton valley. firefighters facing challenges because of the steep terrain. they did manage to put it out. the firefighters were lucky the fire broke out at night when winds are low. the fire charred two acres of rand. no structures damaged. next we investigate in claims about unsafe food. what whistle blowers are saying. california's new right to die law takes effect today. doctors can now help terminally ill patients end their own lives. you can hear their stories on our website. on a lighter note. a remarkable and rare image of a
5:54 am
fish captured on camera trapped inside a jelly fish off australia's east coast. that fish is able to control where the jelly fish swims. you want to see it for yourself. ==kris/ots+vo==
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5:56 am
hundreds of people have flethei near the arizona town of a developing story now. hundreds of people fled their homes as a wildfire rages near
5:57 am
the arizona town of yarnell. if that name sounds familiar, it is because it is the same town where three years ago 19 members of an elite fire fighting crew were trapped and killed by fire. this morning firefighters on the ground and in the air are battling that wind-fueled tender foot fire. it started yesterday afternoon but burned more than 700 acres. 300 people evacuated their homes and an emergency shelter has been set up. >> i hope everybody's safe. i hope everybody is out. >> we did lose our house in 2003 with that fire. just don't want to do it a second time. >> you never know what can with a fire in the wind. >> three years ago 19 firefighters died when they were trapped by the flames fighting a fire near yarnell. it marked the deadliest tragedy in several decades. unsanitary and unsafe. how workers at the world's
5:58 am
largest food distributor describe ares sysco's process delivering food. >> whittle-blowers from canada reached out to us after being shown our report. they couldn't remain silent what they consider dangerous food handling practices at a facility in central canada. they showed meats including chicken and raw pork they say they observed sitting out potentially hours outside a refrigerators in temperatures above 60 degrees. they say this happened for years. labels show the food destined for popular chains including subway, kfc and dairy queen. company reps said food safety is a priority. sysco said the food did not sit out for hours.
5:59 am
after we started investigating, the company brought refrigerated trailers into the facility and hired additional personnel to ensure food is immediately refrigerated. inspectors have not observed violations brought up by the whistle blowers, but have not conducted their investigations overnight. sysco invited food inspectors back. >> if you have a tip give us a call. the right to die law is in california now and starts today. >> international outrage reaches new heights as brock turner blames stanford university for
6:00 am
fueling his sexual assault of an unconscious woman. the letter he wrote to the judge next. a lot of people are asking this morning what happened to the warriors last night in cleveland? the doves smothered by the cavaliers. the cavs steal the show. action from inside the locker room right now on "today in the bay." good morning and thanks for joining us on this thursday. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm chris brock. high elevation last night from lebron james. >> that was awesome. it was depressing to see steph curry -- i wouldn't be surprised this morning if i heard he had the flu. he was just dazed. >> low elevation for the clouds. we'll see the sun breaking out in the afternoon.


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